Many people believe that the country where the cigar is rolled determines the flavor of the cigar. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!

  1. A cigar’s flavor is determined by the tobaccos used in the rolling of that cigar.
  2. Most cigars are made from tobaccos from many different countries. Tobacco taste is affected by many variables including soil, climate and aging.
  3. Each of these variables leaves its own fingerprint on the tobacco’s flavor. It takes the skill of a master tobacco blender to combine the different tobacco leaves together into blends and combinations to deliver the flavor of a brand.
  4. The country of manufacture is only as important as the skill of the cigar rollers to be found in that country. Generally speaking, countries with a long tradition of cigar rolling in their culture tend to make better constructed cigars than those with no or little tradition at all.
  5. If we had Cuban tobacco, we could roll Cuban cigars in Iowa – if you could find the cigar rollers!

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